Sunday, May 24, 2009

Other: How the Poll is going

Hey all,
I see that the poll is getting some attention, so i would like to ask you all some Questions:

I see that most of you want a weekly routing of posting and some videos.
So my weekly routine will include the following,
Monday: Monday Morning Hang-over
Thuesday: ?
Wednesday: Deep thoughts
thursday: ?
Friday: ?
Yes i know a lot of questionmarks.. What i'm personally thinking is doing the following:
Thuesday: A fortune starts with one copper, just like my motto, to give some tips to starters.
Thursday: Expanding your wealth, for the readers with wealth to give info going from wealthy to filthy rich
Friday: Weekend Celebration, videos thoughts, mission updates etc.
Thue, thurs and friday may all be changed by your views, so let me know if you want something else

A lot of you also want some video's, well what do you want? video's for Tips, what i do (who i am ingame), getting the maximum of searchers etc?

Guest posts:
I've also seen that nobody wants guest posts.. i would like to know why that is?
loss of quality, originalism, style? A glimpse of what you all want would be nice!

You may make any suggestions by comment or mail ( if you don't want everyone knowing your suggestions.
also, if anyone wants a shot for a guestpost, you may always mail me with what you want to post, and your name(credentials) so i can give you full credit for the post.

for the Feedreaders: the Monday morning Hang-over post can be read by clicking this link.


And remember a Fortune starts with One Copper!

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