Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Tip: low on cash, and want to trade at AH!

Hey all!

Yesterday a guildy of my "main" on Ravenholdt (not really my main, since its on Darkmoon faire) asked my help with making cash. He picked it up very easily, and 30mins later, he got what he had to do, and was halfway there to making money. Now he had only 5G and thought it wasnt enough to make money with it. Well that's not true and i'm going to tell you how to turn 5G in 1K.

first off all, you need to have auctioneer! (look at my previous posts) and scan 1 week before trading on AH. since you need to build up the database.
after that, you can start reselling and relisting items for profit which is about 50-73% of my income (5% comes from vendoring ah trash and 45% from mats i gather around the world)


so you have auctioneer, now you can immediatly start making a bit of gold (read: silver) How?
go to search tab and click searchers (left of the screen) and click vendor.
now you get a lot of options, for now, just change this one: Allow bids, unmark it.

after that press the search button at the lower left of the screen and your on your way.
Auctioneer will list some or a lot of items. buy them , all of them! (or as much as you can afford) and sell them at the Vendor.
BEWARE! do not buy fel hides with this method! they are bugged

this will get you between 10s and 10G each day (if your lucky 25G but it rarely happens)

your first AH resales
After your first week of scans you can start buying items from ah and reselling them.
for a resale there are usually 4 thing you need to think about:
- competitors, in weekends there are a lot more seller at AH so you'll get undercut faster.
- AH deposit, a deposit to list your item at the AH
- AH cut, alliance/horde ah takes 5% of your value (selling for 100G = 95G for you+the deposit)
- How many X (item you are going to buy and sell) are there at AH right now?

I would recommend:
-Buy enchanting mats (as a starter). why? well they dont have a deposit. so thats "cheaper", since you can relist it just about a 100times.
-try and buy something at sunday or monday : items are cheaper during this time, since each weekendseller dumps everything they got on the AH for last minute profit.
-list them Thursday eve for 48h. There are (almost) no competitors then, so you can list it for higher value, and it will probably sell friday afternoon before the weekend gamers come on.
- if there are 50 Items called X at a price of 45% ,23 for 53% and some higher. buy all the 45%'s or don't buy any of them, also only put a max of 5-10 back on the AH so you don't flood the market. (which will bring prices down = lose money!)
- always make sure you are making profit! if you buy something for 10G, dont put it up for 10.1G (since youll get: 10.1G - 50s5c (5%) so you wont make profit, youll actually lose money!

what to do with whites and greys
These can get you a lot of gold! for example, boar meat x20 is worth 2G!
So this is what i do: sell anything thats white on the AH, with exeption from: Armor/weapons food/water. the smallest things can get you a lot of gold! best example is spider's silk, which goes for 5G a piece on my server! everything thats cookable, light feathers, shiny fish scales everything! dump it on AH! it makes a lot of cash.
Now for grey items: do NOT destroy them! a grey items is worth something (at lvl 1 its 5c at lvl 80 sometimes a couple of gold!) see it this way: if that grey belt is worth 50S and you destroy it, you lose 50s with out you knowing it, so would you take 50s out of the bank and delete it? i dont think so!

these small examples can get you a long and i mean long way! i have more of those tips (ex. sell a common cat or frog companion for 25G! or a white kitten for 200G! (which you can just buy for 50S!) so keep tuned to this blog folks ;-)


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  1. well well monetize.....that guildy of yours wouldnt of happened to be called Chiman by any chance? Yes....it is me....thanks for the tips again mate..keep up all this good work :)