Friday, May 8, 2009

172 Add-ons(!)

Aaah i just saw that it was quite awhile ago since i last talked about the add-ons I use, so i'll give you an update on that today!

As the title sais: i have 172 Add-ons (! - I'm Seth and i have an Addon problem!)
Not all of these are running at the same time but still, thats a freaking big nr! (and i still have to add one! (mini map buttons are cluttering up!)

Well with that said, i'm going to give you an overview about which Add-ons i use on my banker.

- Auctioneer advanced suite (duh!)
-BigPicture (so i know how much i'm worth)
- AHhistory (this adds a nifty tool to draw a graph of the prices your following -a max of 1month)
- Analyst (a small plugg in that tracks my sesion proffit/loss - I also got this on all my cars)
- One bag (a handy add-on that gives you one huge bag, with diffrent coloring options for proffesion bags)
- Sexy map (to get my clutter of buttons away)
- Bejeweled and Peggle (both can be downloaded at - very handy if your scanning and don't know what to do)
- Mobmap (yes mobmap! so i can check what the droprate of an boe is)
-Titanbar (need it for analyst - also very handy bar with a lot off stats, but its not for a banker

I think those are it.. could be i forgot something though... oh well :-)
All addons, exept Bejeweled and peggle. Can be downloaded at or through WoWmatrix.



  1. Hey!

    First of all, very interesting blog.
    I'll be trying it too when I start playing againg in a month.

    BUT I'd like to ask not to encourage people to use WoWmatrix as for the creators of this tool don't ask for the agrements of the creators of the addons. They don't respect the work the addon authors did.

    So if you need addons please visit Curse or both of the site provide a tool too and is suported by the authors of addons which means that you'll always get the appropriate (working) version of that addon. You don't get that with WoWmatrix.

    Thanks in advance.


  2. I will remember and take it in account to try and not promote them.
    Thank you for the advice and comment